Bank Account Opening

Opening Offshore Bank Accounts for Vietnam Companies and Individuals

In today’s increasingly connected world offshore banking is becoming easier than ever, and more and more people are able to enjoy the benefits of setting up a bank account abroad.

Offshore banking allows both individuals and companies to conduct financial transactions through a bank account outside their country of residence or incorporation. This affords flexibility in asset management and also opens up endless investment opportunities. In addition to establishing offshore bank accounts, DesFran offers support in developing effective strategies that leverage on our partnerships with large, highly regarded international banks. Opening offshore banks accounts during the process of company formation allows for greater privacy, tax optimisation and insurance against local financial instability.

In addition, DesFran also offers assistance for onshore bank accounts. Both processes do not require physical presence of the ultimate beneficial owner and typically can be completed within three weeks. DesFran specialises in:

Personal Bank Accounts

Suitable for individuals looking to deposit their financial assets in reliable offshore banks

Corporate Bank Accounts 

For companies and offshore business purposes

Investment Bank Accounts

Offered by offshore banks with a primary purpose of accruing interest

Client Holding Accounts

Accounts in multi-currencies for the collection of third party funds.

Jurisdictions* that we can establish bank accounts in:

Belgium / Delaware / Gibraltar / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Latvia / Luxembourg / Malta / Mauritius / Philippines / Poland / Seychelles / Singapore / Switzerland / United Arab Emirates

* We can also establish offshore bank accounts in jurisdictions not limited to the above. Contact us for more information.

Why DesFran

DesFran is a highly connected offshore service provider. We leverage our extensive global network of partners to assist our clients in growing their business and generating greater returns. For reliable offshore bank account opening and other offshoring services in Vietnam, choose DesFran.