Shelf Company

Shelf Companies in Singapore for Clients in Thailand

With the lengthy procedure and mountainous volumes of paperwork involved, many people find the process of establishing a new company extremely cumbersome and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be with a shelf company, allowing you to bypass all the bureaucracy that comes with starting a new company. If you’re looking for a shelf company in Thailand, DesFran will help you have your new ventures up and running in no time.

What is a shelf company?

Also known as an aged corporation, a shelf company describes a preregistered company that does not own any assets or liabilities. A shelf company has never conducted business, and the sole reason it is registered for is to be sold.

Reasons for buying shelf companies include:

  • In jurisdictions that require the company to have been operational for a certain length of time, it provides opportunities to bid on contracts.
  • Boosting investor or consumer confidence through the ability to select companies with older age profiles.
  • Greater access to investment capital.
  • Easier access to corporate credit
  • To kick-start trading investments even though one is not the director.
Situated in premium offshore jurisdictions, Desfran’s shelf companies are perfect for clients who are looking for fast incorporation or immediate use. Speak to us today to assess the suitability of a shelf company for your needs.

Why Contact DesFran?

Through providing professional services for more than a decade and having developed an extensive global network of prestigious banks and institutions, we have become the leading providers of offshore services in Thailand. Regardless of your needs, DesFran will be able to find a solution that is suited to your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a shelf company or in need of other offshoring or onshore services, contact us today for more information.