Bank Account Opening

Offshore Bank Account Opening Services for Thailand

Offshore banking is becoming more convenient than ever before in today’s increasingly connected world, making it easier to take advantage of the benefits that establishing a bank account overseas can bring.

Through offshore banking, individuals and companies are able to conduct financial transactions outside of the country of residence or incorporation. It grants greater flexibility in the management of assets and opens up a greater variety of investment opportunities. DesFran offers professional assistance in the opening of offshore bank accounts, as well as the development of effective strategies for clients that makes use of our partnerships with well-regarded international banks and institutions. During the process of company formation, opening an offshore bank account provides greater privacy, tax optimisation and protection against domestic instability.

Additionally, DesFran also provides assistance for onshore bank accounts. Both processes can usually be completed within three weeks and do not generally require the physical presence of the ultimate beneficial owner. At DesFran, we specialise in:

Personal Bank Accounts

Appropriate for individuals who wish to deposit their financial assets in trustworthy offshore banks.

Corporate Bank Accounts

Suitable for companies and offshore business purposes.

Investment Bank Accounts

Provided by offshore banks for the main purpose of accruing interest.

Client Holding Accounts

Multi-currency accounts for the collection of third party funds.

Jurisdictions* that we can establish bank accounts in:

Belgium / Delaware / Gibraltar / Hong Kong / Indonesia / Latvia / Luxembourg / Malta / Mauritius / Philippines / Poland / Seychelles / Singapore / Switzerland / United Arab Emirates

* We are also able to establish offshore bank accounts in markets not limited to the above. Get in touch for more information.

Why DesFran?

We are able to offer superior service due to our possession of a prestigious global network of partners. Contact us today to begin reaping the benefits of offshore banking.