DesFran Corporate Services for Shelf Company Acquisitions
DesFran Corporate Services for Shelf Company Acquisitions

DesFran Corporate Services for Shelf Company Acquisitions

Some veteran entrepreneurs are looking for shelf companies as it provides advantages such as easier business operation in the jurisdiction and potentially better loans from banks.


Currently, there has been a shift in the preferred jurisdiction where these shelf companies are established. This may be due to the shift in several corporate laws that are implemented in different territories.


Thankfully, there are corporate service providers who can offer expert advice regarding which jurisdictions are the ideal locations to obtain a shelf company. Consultancy firms such as DesFran corporate services can provide entrepreneurs with a properly aged company. Learn more on this blog how DesFran consultancy firm can help the enterprise purchase a shelf company.


Why Purchase a Shelf Company through DesFran Corporate Services


Banks in some jurisdictions require the company to have an established presence in the local territory before they can offer loans. Shelf companies may be the option of the enterprise as it is listed as an existing company in the foreign country. Unfortunately, some shelf company sellers may offer aged companies with hidden costs.


At DesFran, we have established a global network and have access to shelf companies with good credit history. Based on our understanding of the client’s needs and budgets, we help recommend the shelf company to buy after conducting a thorough check to ensure there are no unpaid dues and is a legal entity in the target jurisdiction.


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Benefits of Getting DesFran Corporate Services


After purchasing the shelf company, there are aspects of the business that must be addressed before company operations can begin in the foreign territory.


Helps Choose the Ideal Jurisdiction


Due to the changing corporate guidelines in several jurisdictions, obtaining a shelf company in some foreign territories may not be the best course of action.


DesFran corporate services are familiar with the most recent corporate law updates in countries where we operate. We may direct entrepreneurs to territories that are ideal for the enterprise and help purchase a legitimate shelf company in that area.


Hiring Company Executives and Employees


Getting the right help and a dedicated team of professionals to operate the company is important. A company with good employees and expert managers can help expand the enterprise efficiently and securely.


DesFran consultancy firm can help the entrepreneur hire reputable professionals who are familiar with the local work culture and can be relied upon to make sure that the business runs smoothly. Our years of experience allows us to scrutinize potential candidates who may help the business prosper.


Corporate Services in the Jurisdiction


After purchasing the shelf company, there are some areas of the business that must be addressed in order to optimize company operations. Our consulting firm offers several corporate services such as corporate secretarial services, accounting services and incorporation services. These services may help the shelf company operate efficiently.


Obtain an Offshore Shelf Company from DesFran Corporate Services


Adapting to the current business environment is vital for businesses to expand. Company owners may be looking to obtain a shelf company as a solution to today’s business trend. Yet, entrepreneurs must be cautious in purchasing these aged companies since these may contain hidden fees and have a bad credit score.


DesFran corporate services can help the entrepreneur purchase a legitimate shelf company that fits the need of the enterprise. Additionally, we offer several corporate services that can help ease certain corporate aspects of the company. Clients may contact us today for a free consultation.


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