4 Duties Of A Corporate Secretary In Thailand-Based Companies


Thailand is an excellent area to conduct international business transactions due to its good trade relationships. In fact, it reached 3.9% GDP growth at the end of Q1 2018 due to an increase in export demand [Singapore Business Review]. As a result, many experts predict that Thailand’s economy will continue to strengthen.


So, as an entrepreneur looking to expand business operations to Thailand, you would require a company secretary that can assist you. This includes important functions in setting up executive meetings and constant communication with company stakeholders.


Find more on this blog and know the essentials of hiring a good corporate secretary for your Thailand business venture.


What are the Essential Traits of a Corporate Secretary Candidate


Corporate secretaries serve an important function in the company. Candidates for this position must be able to deal with multiple company tasks. He or she must possess excellent management skills and a keen critical thinking ability to guarantee that company-related issues are solved promptly.


Additionally, he or she must have the right interpersonal communication skill. This ensures that he or she can interact and relay the right information with company directors.


Secretaries also hold multiple responsibilities within the company. Below are the 5 duties of a company secretary.


The 4 Responsibilities of a Corporate Secretary


Corporate secretarial duties include assisting with company projects, maintaining statutory documents, contacting company shareholders, and ensuring that business operations comply with Thailand’s corporate policies.


Maintain Key Corporate Documents


A company secretary keeps and maintains the statutory files of the company. He or she reminds the company directors about the upcoming deadlines and can assist in fulfilling these documents.


Serve as the Main Contact Person in the Organisation


The secretary serves as the main point of contact with people on all levels of the company. Therefore, he or she must have an approachable demeanour and correctly respond to inquiries in a professional and concise manner.


Ensure Compliance with the Latest Corporate Policy


One of the jobs of a corporate secretary is to ensure that the company operations are in line with Thailand’s corporate guidelines. This means that he or she must be knowledgeable about the latest changes in the country’s corporate laws.


Assist with the Company’s Special Projects


The company’s special projects often require a leader with a keen eye for detail. The company secretary is the ideal candidate to oversee this task due to his or her sound decision-making skills.


Finding the Right Secretary for Your Thailand-Based Company


Thailand’s focus on a more competitive business environment encourages many entrepreneurs to expand their business in this country.


So, as a savvy business owner looking to operate in this country, consider getting a reliable company secretary. They can serve as the company’s point of contact, maintain essential documents, and ensure that business operations are in line with the local corporate policies.


So, find the right corporate secretarial services for the Thailand-based company.




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What are the Essential Traits of a Corporate Secretary Candidate