Offshore Company & Overseas Bank Account Opening Indonesia

Maximum confidentiality and wealth protection. These are the fundamental principles of offshore banking. The strategies to achieve these principles are, however, highly complex. For example, incorporating an offshore company before conducting any financial transactions through an offshore corporate bank account outside their country residence or incorporation ensures maximum confidentiality. It is hugely complicated with a myriad of details to manage, making errors a very likely consequence for the untrained.

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We have the experience and expertise

We are a one stop consultancy service company with years of experience in company formation, with a team of experts ready to provide comprehensive solutions for all your needs.

We create effective investment strategies tailored for you

We actively seek effective strategies that leverage on our partnerships with large international banks, offering you an array of investment opportunities.

We offer support for both onshore and offshore banking

We provide support to make your bank account opening fast and trouble-free. Whether onshore or offshore, these processes generally do not require the physical presence of the ultimate beneficial owner.

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