Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Recognising that the dynamic FX industry has been woefully under-serviced, DesFran and select partners offer specialised expertise that cater specifically to the FX sector. Services and support include:

Preliminary Advice and Analysis
A combination of professional experience and global understanding of current market and industry trends to identify the best opportunities for different companies.

Financial and tax due diligence will be carried out to determine if there is any good investment opportunity based on pricing and partnering strategies.

Deal Negotiation
Valuation advice and negotiation support between both parties for a smooth deal.

Preparation for Transaction
Full support for operational procedures, including preparing legal documents and company policies.

Transaction Process
An integrated planning and project management process is implemented to ensure stability and post-deal wins.

FX Industry Training and Post-Transaction Integration
DesFran believes in adding long-term value through specialised training by our team of FX specialists, as well as looking into infrastructural improvements for businesses.