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Senior Management

It has always been a challenge for companies to find true leadership that can drive their business forward. Filtering through resumes, identifying the right fit, establishing that candidates are well briefed and has a genuine interest in your company is an extremely hectic process.


Appointing the ideal directors for your business venture has a different set of demands as statutory requirements vary across jurisdictions. It is essential to seek the services of a professional service provider to provide quality advice while seeking to protect your company’s reputation.

Why us?

We adopt high level executive search strategies

DesFran has a team of consultants with broad connections and wide networks who are experts in attracting exceptional talent across a broad spectrum.

We offer recruitment solutions tailored for you

With local offices and a team of experienced consultants, we are equipped to offer you bespoke recruitment solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We have the expertise with onshore and offshore appointments

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in director and shareholder requirements in varying jurisdictions, allowing us to offer supplementary services such as enhancing client confidentiality and assist in global trading and administration.

Regions Covered

Asia Pacific


Middle East and Africa

North & Central America

South America