Administrative & Business Logistics

Forming an offshore company signifies growth and success of any business. But, it is also essential to understand the law of the foreign land. However, keeping a watch on the policies and regulations are also an intricate practice. So, for businesses who want to explore a new venture in different countries, get a professional help with expertise in corporate services.


DesFran Investment Consultancy Services has a team of consultants working hand-in-hand to find out about your specific requirements. We will also take you through the process of company setup from the start to finish. Our professional teams around the world can ease you from your administrative duties and help you set up your physical office in the country of your choice.


We strive to offer client-centric business and legal solutions to fully realise the potential of all our clients. Our belief in growing with clients has brought us to extend our expertise which encompasses the multi-faceted layers of maintaining a business.


Optimal Solutions from DesFran Corporate Services for Your Business Needs


Thinking about pursuing an offshore company?


DesFran’s knowledge and expertise start with having an understanding of the needs of any client. Our mission is always inclined towards your business needs to achieve your preferred international business objectives.


Once you have decided to incorporate an offshore company, you must comply with the statutory requirements of that specific country. DesFran provides you a wide range of corporate services that help with your business logistics. This also includes physical company setup such as:

  • Prime Business Address
  • Local Telephone Number
  • Mail Management
  • Receptionist and Secretary
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Office Suites
  • Co-Working Spaces
  • IT Support


With DesFran, all these will serve as a one-stop solution to forming an international office for your business. Rest assured we can ensure fast and successful incorporation of your offshore company of any type.


Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey Today


Here at DesFran, we leverage on our knowledge and experience to help a diversified portfolio of businesses achieve success. As we tailor our corporate services for your business, we can provide innovative solutions to forming a company in a competitive global economy.


So, start setting up your new venture offshore today. And, let us help you guide in every step of your entrepreneurial journey.