Setting up an offshore company may be the best business vehicle for your new venture. It may give you a lot of benefits and opportunities as you go along the way. But, this also depends on who you talk to, where you get information of and what you believe in.


As a business owner, you are most likely preoccupied with conducting a business. You will have to deal with your clients, buying some things and many more. As an end result, you hardly have time knowing about forming a company overseas.


So, the best way to sort out this challenge is by getting a formation agent. However, this task may be tiresome and time-consuming. Thus, it is better to set a range of expertise. So, consult an expert in corporate services as it is needed.


DesFran Investment Consultancy Services has a team of consultants working alongside clients to understand your specific requirements. We will also guide you on each and every step during the process of setting up the company.


Our belief in growing with clients has brought us to extend our expertise to management and corporate services that encompasses the multi-faceted layers of running a business. These include accounting and auditing, logistics and administrative matters, offshore bank account opening, secretarial needs and executive recruitment.


Take Advantage of DesFran Corporate Services Advisory Solutions


Before you take that plunge, make sure you have some knowledge about company formation. You need to learn the laws of the land, purchasing a location for administration offices and hiring the right people for your business.


Once your offshore company is setup, you will need to get offshore company services for company maintenance.


DesFran can provide you a wide range of advisory solutions for corporate service needs. We can help your particular requirements and offer information on:


With DesFran consultants, we work hand-in-hand with local experts in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. This is to ensure that your business are well-managed and established correctly.


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DesFran addresses strategic issues associated with our tailored services for any business. We also provide a wide variety of cost-effective corporate service solutions to our clients.


Now that we have introduced you to our services, find out how we can help you or your business.


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